Celebrating our 25th Year of Serving the St. Louis Area

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Master Clean

Tel: (314) 303-9779

Email: ron@mastercleanstl.com

When you need us we will be there.

Commercial Cleaning

All of our professional janitorial staff are bonded and insured to guarantee the safety of your business.

Janitorial Services

Our staff are all extensively trained not only in janitorial requirements but also in proper etiquette while on the job.

Green Cleaning

Our services can be 100% green so our clients know that they made the right choice in choosing our services.


Education and experience don’t count for much if you don’t present yourself in a professional manner. Master Clean makes sure that every member of our staff always presents the image we want our company to have.

Take this moment to give us a call or send us an email. There is no time like the present to take the first step towards getting things done.

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Are you tired of…

  • Dirty bathrooms?
  • Dirty microwave(s)?
  • Dust bunnies chasing you around your office?
  • Coffee stains in the kitchen/break room sink?
  • Entrance doors with smudges, and finger prints all over them?
  • Being the janitorial supervisor when you’re paying a company to supervise their own personal?
  • Long term contracts you cannot get out of?
  • Just simply not getting what you’re paying for?

Relax! With our 30 day guarantee, month to month agreement, and 25 years of experience, our Master Cleans’ supervisors will take if from here. Your facility will be what it should always be, sanitary and clean after each cleaning!

Exceptionally Clean

  • Master Clean, to AVOIDS CROSS CONTAMINATION, uses one mop in the restrooms, and another for the other areas a facility. If needed, a third mop would be used.
  • Master Clean by using micro fiber cloths REDUCES GERMS AND BACTERIA by up to 90% on anything wiped with the cloths.
  • Master Clean uses cleaning products and equipment that helps SANITIZE, FIGHT THE FLU, AND GERMS that may aid in keeping your employees productive.
  • Master Clean further REDUCES the chance of CROSS CONTAMINATION by using color coded micro fiber cloths. One color for the office area, another for the kitchen, and yet another for the bathrooms.

Truly Reliable

  • Master Clean communicates with customers to maintain the highest quality cleaning standards.
  • Master Clean does NOT move our dedicated professionals around. Each one (team) has his/her building and is fully responsible for each customer’s satisfaction.
  • Master Clean performs regular on-site inspections to achieve customer satisfaction.
  • Master Clean has a special program that virtually eliminates “no shows” insuring your facility will be clean each and every time.

We do it all! Contact Master Clean today to inquire about a quote for cleaning your facility, or other janitorial job.